SSH ~ SubSHaper
250,00 €
Unlock new dimensions of sonic exploration with SubShaper, the ultimate Eurorack module that seamlessly blends subharmonics and waveshaping. This powerful tool empowers you to shape your sound in ways you've never imagined. Harness the waveshaping channels—X, D, and A—to add captivating harmonics and introduce distinct character to your audio signals. X's class B amplifier emulation delivers a unique distortion that intensifies as the signal fades, while D's frequency doubling imparts mesmerizing parabolic-like shapes to your waveforms. A's rectification control allows you to fold and shape the incoming signal with precision. But that's not all—SubShaper's clock dividers take your sound to the next level by infusing it with mesmerizing subharmonics and intricate rhythmic variations. Thanks to its intuitive interface and CV controllable parameters, SubShaper offers endless modulation possibilities, empowering you to sculpt evolving textures, generate complex waveforms, and transform your sonic landscape. Experience the limitless potential of SubShaper and let your creativity soar in the realm of modular synthesis. To learn more please read this short manual. or watch the two part showcase below: